Macro-Free Controls for Excel Spreadsheets


Spreadsheets are often constructed in an uncontrolled environment in which review and validation are performed on a limited or sporadic basis. The larger spreadsheets become, the more likely they will contain some critical error.

Microsoft® Excel has some powerful built-in self-analysis capabilities. Unfortunately, some of these are difficult to access and some features require macros.

This will help!

We’ve built a desktop app
that performs many of Excel’s self-analysis functions – without having to use macros!

The fully featured software has the following functionality in addition to highlighting constants:

  • Search & replace constants
  • List all dependencies traceable to constants
  • Highlight formulas with embedded constants
  • Search & replace formulas with embedded constants
  • List all formulas in the spreadsheet, their location and current value
  • List all links in the spreadsheet, their location and status
  • Determine if a spreadsheet is linked to other spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Controls

This PowerPoint deck provides further information on these features.


For information on pricing, or to set up an on-site demonstration, contact Bob Crompton @ or by email here.